I have just started to write this blog as I felt led of the lord to pen down his truth in today’s apostatizing Christendom. To give Christ the first and rightful place is what defines the true church today. I wish to introduce the simple truths of scripture bent and made subject of doubt by various evil doctrines and theological reasonings.
It is a gross evil to worship God unscripturally (Gen 4:5-7, Lev 10: 1-2, Deut 11:4-5).

“Have an outline of sound words, which [words] thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which [are] in Christ Jesus.” -2 Tim. 1:13

“Every scripture [is] divinely inspired, and profitable for teaching, for conviction, for correction, for instruction in righteousness; that the man of God may be complete, fully fitted to every good work. -2 Tim. 3:16


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  1. brother malachi

    Thanks “brethren” for stopping by http://awordfrommalachi.com and liking http://public-api.wordpress.com/bar/?stat=groovemails-events&bin=click&redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fawordfrommalachi.com%2F2015%2F03%2F15%2Fliving-in-a-churchianity-age&sr=0&signature=b7397d731155827de78d48a3752cdbdf&user=1324112&km_Type=like&km_Link_Target=LikedPost . I hope you will find time to only to return and read other post but take the time to comment so we can engage in spiritual discussion around the word of God!

    Peace in the faithful name of Yeshua,
    brother malachi



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