Why didn’t God accept Cain’s offerings but accepted Abel’s? (Gen 4:4-5)

Oh, that’s because Cain wanted to bring to God something from the ground God had cursed (Gen 3:17-18). Well, it might seem right in a human eye for someone to bring something to God, but Cain’s ways were a pure human religion (one’s effort to praise God through his work). But God had already pointed out in clothing Adam and Eve with the skin of an animal that death or Blood was God’s ways of atoning for the sin which Abel’s offering gives full testimony to; Death or blood of animals speaks the atoning death of Christ. Approaching God without Blood (like Cain did) was nothing but simple denial of the death of the Christ on the cross. Even the priest entered the ‘Holy of the holies’ place once in a year not without blood, which means it is impossible to approach God without blood both in old testament times (Blood of animal) Heb 9:7 or today without the blood of Christ Heb 9:12)
The point is that there are many human religion that tends to teach the attainment of salvation through religious work and denies Christ. “Woe to them” says the Word of God. Salvation could be achieved only through the Blood of Christ. Believe & get saved.


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